7.000 m2  at the service of quality

In BACALAO GIRALDO, we count with modern facilities that follow the quality standars in health matters stated by the European Union, endowed with the best infrastructures to elaborateour exclusive products.We have the best systems of fabrication as well as the best team of professionals. In GIRALDO we buy, select, cut, desalt and pack one by one all the kilos that we sell following a stricyt quality control.




This meeting point for learning and leisure wants to become a reference point for the most succulent leisure. It can hold up to 50 students. The main room has the best and most modern facilities and equipment , with an optimal visibility from any point and very comfortable for the participants. The schedule and activities are thought for all audiences and all types of cooking, from the most trendy to the most traditional ones.

Tricks, advice, techniques and practical recipes are offered. We have a flexible schedule so the students can choose their favourite elaborations. Prestigious chefs, home cooks and well-known gourmets are going to be our teachers . Each one is going to deal with the topics that have made them famous and that are going to make you fond of cooking.


Although Giraldo’s products are found in the kitchen of the best restaurants , they reach the national and international market through our more tan 50 distributors , however our shops are our showcase at a local level.

Basoa, 6 – 01012 VITORIA-GASTEIZ (Álava) – Telf. 945 221 636

Angulema, 2 – 01004 VITORIA-GASTEIZ (Álava) – Telf. 945 272 325